Typical Legal Practice Areas of a Queensland Regional Law Firm

Following on from the previous item, the second set of most commonly provided areas of law in a solicitor’s office will be described here. We dealt in the first article with business and agricultural structures and arrangements, family and relationship law and not for profit. Leading regional law firms also provide services in the areas of property and conveyancing. This service involves acting for people who are buying or selling land and residential or commercial property. Most of us don’t realise the wide number of processes which are involved in this area. Your lawyers can review a contract, keep a record of key dates, check on your financial requirements, help with transfer duty and the payment of this, arrange and attend the settlement, advise the council on the change of ownership, and liaise with your bank.

Commercial and Property Law
Commercial and Property Law typically involves acting for people when they are developing property, or purchasing or selling rural property, industrial or commercial enterprises. A number of the processes are the same as for Property and Conveyancing, but can also include business structuring, planning law, advice on security, guarantees and loan documentation, information on consolidations or subdivisions and advice on ST, land tax, rates and other taxes.

Environmental and Development Law
This area of law may be needed if there are any concerns over the use of the environment or the impact that building or running a business may have on the environment. Solicitors can help their clients in the Planning and Environment Court and represent clients faced with environmental protection orders. Included in this area is also Local Government Laws. Solicitors can act for the local government in interpretation of local laws, and advise on civil litigation claims and freedom of information issues. For private clients, the firm may offer advice on government legislation, and local law and planning.

Native Title
Due to decisions in the High Court during the 1990s, there may now be Native Title over land that rural and mining clients will need advice on. With many grazing and term leases coming due for renewal throughout Queensland, this is becoming a larger part of a law firm’s service provided to rural clients.

Tax Effective Estate Planning and Testamentary Trusts
Each family and financial situation is different from another. A solicitor dealing with this area of law will act for people in areas related to planning for their future and the future of their family. Lawyers will need to have a well-rounded picture of what each family’s hopes regarding these are. Services in this area would include wills, powers of attorney, health directives, trusts, succession planning, estate disputes and administration and superannuation nomination. This may also include rural and business estate planning.

Commercial Litigation
Commercial litigation involves acting for people in business who have disputes. This may be an individual, a contractor, shareholder, executor or company. Services provided in this area may be litigation or dispute resolution for construction, building, wills, trusts, debt collection, contracts, bankruptcy, workplace relations or corporate issues.

The content in this article is for information only. It does not represent legal advice and is provided solely for the information of the reader. Always consult a lawyer before taking any action on matters which affect your legal rights and obligations.

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